Coachella and the US/CAN festivals to play

I was asked a while back if I think Arcade Fire will headline Coachella on the next tour. It would be their third time headlining, and fifth appearance.

The band has done Coachella on every tour so far. In 2005 Arcade Fire played an instantly legendary set that people still rave about. It did in many ways launch the band and the buzz around them was just piled on. Two years later they were back on their Neon Bible tour with yet another stellar set. On the back of an Album of the Year Grammy for The Suburbs in 2011 and with a much talked about LED balloon drop it was and still is by many regarded as one of their best sets. And now most recently on last year’s Reflektor tour they were unsurprisingly enough back again, and yes – the band delivered big time because that’s just the kind of live band they are, bringing out Debbie Harry for a cover of ‘Heart of Glass’ plus ‘Sprawl II’.

There was something in the air however this last time. Win Butler was very vocal about how much he disliked the VIP areas.

I just wanted to say that there’s a lot of kind like fake VIP room bullshit happening at this festival, and I just wanted to say that sometimes people dream about getting into places like that, and it super sucks in there so don’t worry about it!Win Butler

And Coachella, now a two weekend festival, had booked a lot of EDM artists for a festival which up to that point I think it’s fair to say had mostly featured rock/pop acts on the main stages. But because we live in an age where EDM is outselling just about anything it was very much reflected on that year’s line-up. Win Butler who has made no secret that he can’t let loose to the sort of EDM that, without pointing the finger at someone, is produced to make people lose their minds at the drop and is about as original as this cup of tea next to me did not hold back his feelings on the matter.

Shout-out to all the bands at this festival who play real instruments!Win Butler

Something which a certain well-known publication managed to give their treatment to so that it appeared Win could not stand any kind of EDM, despite clear evidence to the contrary. To nobody’s surprise Deadmau5 bought into it and so it all tumbled on. Found it hard to care at the time, imagine how hard I find it now. Particularly as I myself can’t understand the appeal of that sort of EDM. There’s so much good creative/interesting/non-test grouped EDM.

Anyway, what this means for Arcade Fire and Coachella in the future remain to be seen, but I for one hope it was Win Butler’s parting shots. For a few years at least. Watching this year’s Coachella unfold only enforced that hope. Headlining it a third time in let’s say 2017 or so would to me feel very repetitive and predictable, especially now with two weekends. There are plenty of other great festivals in the area. No one as big and high profile, but still big enough and exciting enough.

Elsewhere in the States surely some of these have to be right at the top of the list of fests to play: Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, ACL, Voodoo Experience, Governors Ball, Firefly, Shaky Knees. I’m sure there are more really good ones I can’t remember that would be suitable too. Of those listed they’ve previously headlined Bonnaroo (2011), Lollapalooza (2010), Osheaga (2010), ACL (2011) and never played at any of the rest.

Time will tell, I do sure hope though they’ll choose another west coast festival on the next tour.

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