Father John Misty covers Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”

Excellent acoustic cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” by Father John Misty. Recorded for CBC Music at b.b gun leather, a small garage workshop nestled in a historic residential neighbourhood of East Vancouver. Check it out.

Update 1
Father John Misty also sat down to talk about his love for Win Butler’s song-writing, and Arcade Fire in general.

“Yeah, Win Butler and I are friends. We’re both tall, tall men – we have got to stick together. Tall white men, you know, we really got to stick together in this world. But… I mean, I really love Win’s song-writing, and the band in general. I mean, he and I are you know the same age and I feel like he’s articulating this like very specific form of anxiety that people who are kind of in this transitional generation kind of experience on a letter grade basis, day-to-day like. The way he communicates the way things are changing and even just beyond the generational thing, the loss of innocence-thing really resonates with me. I feel like a lot of music opts, or a lot of song-writers opt to be kind of cynical or blasé about those things for fear of being, I don’t know, genuine or something. But he is like walking an interesting tightrope, to me, between things that are very singular and personal, and then framing it in this kind of crazy macro-epic, bombastic kind of way. It’s scratching some itch I have.”
– Father John Misty (Josh Tillman)

Update 2 – 2015-09-29
Win Butler was asked by CBC Music about his thoughts on the cover and his friendship with Josh Tillman.
“It’s great, Josh is a good friend of mine. He was living in New Orleans when we were spending time there. He’s always someone that I’ve related to as a songwriter. We did a joke horror movie called Festi when we were on tour for Suburbs and he has a cameo in it. He was on tour with the Fleet Foxes, and that’s actually how we met him. We were backstage at a festival and asked him to do a cameo in our crappy budget movie we were making and, yeah, he’s one of the few writers, lyrically, where I’m always interested in what he’s going to do next. He always goes lyrically where so many people don’t go.”
– Win Butler

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