Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” features in a Steve Jobs tv spot

Arcade Fire have by the looks of it given their permission to Universal Pictures for the use of “Rebellion (Lies)” in a tv spot, ‘tv spot 43’ as it’s being referred to, for the upcoming film Steve Jobs. A film about, yep you got it, Steve Jobs. Hollywood, they don’t do vague. You’d assume Universal had to pay up for it, unless this is something they now can do since Arcade Fire are to some extent affiliated with Universal Music Group. The band let NFL use “Wake Up” for a commercial once, and all those $$$ went to Partners in Health. Something similar here maybe? In any case, here’s the new Steve Jobs tv spot with “Rebellion (Lies)” playing over it, and below some history of previous trailers and films the band has lent their music to.

Arcade Fire have been very selective with what they’ve lent their music to for film trailers, and in general. They gave permission to use “Wake Up” in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, plus “Deep Blue” and “Suburban War” in Boyhood. And for film trailers an acoustic version (+ the full thing) of “Wake Up” recorded specifically for the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, and “My Body is a Cage” for a The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tv spot.

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