Arcade Fire’s manager on their label situation

Scott Rodger

Scott Rodger – Quest Management & Live Nation’s Maverick management consortium

Scott Rodger, Arcade Fire’s manager, was interview by Music Business Worldwide. Rodger shed light on the current label situation for Arcade Fire. The band had been said to be free agents after Reflektor, something he now confirms. In fact, their situation now is looking pretty ideal with complete rights to their works coming back to them.

    «They’re a huge touring act who sell around 1.6m – 2m albums each time. We’re out of our deal, they have no deal, plus most of their catalogue has reverted back to them. So they’ve got all the rights to their first mini-album, all the rights to Funeral and Neon Bible. The Suburbs comes back in the summer of 2017 and the next year we get back Reflektor. We can do a futures deal; we can go to any label and sign the whole catalogue plus futures now. The question is, why would we? I sat with the band the other week: they’re not bread-heads, they don’t care about [a big payday]. They have a couple of studios, so they don’t need studio time to make their next record. They’ll fund it themselves, which they’ve done for every album anyway. They just want to do what’s smart. We can do physical with a boutique company and do some really nice vinyl. We can partner with a tech company. We can sign up to a digital aggregator. There are a lot of options.»

Rodger also said the use of “Wake Up” in Los Angeles’ 2024 Olympics launch video was only agreed to since they would donate the money to charity, probably Partners in Health or Kanpe.

    «They’re that rare kind of band who, if they say yes to something, give all the money to charity. That’s what they did a couple of weeks ago with an LA Olympics 2024 ad – they wanted to use Wake Up and the band said they never license it. In the end, the [ad people] offered to give a bunch of money to charity and the band said okay. That’s rare.»

The video in question.

Good to know for sure what the band’s situation is currently – free as Unicorns, or something. The full interview with Rodgers.

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