Arcade Fire’s David Bowie parade in New Orleans

On Saturday around 10,000 people turned up for Arcade Fire and Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s parade for David Bowie and effectively shut down the French quarters of New Orleans. Win said a few words before the parade. Transcribed below the video.

Credit: Donald Martino

David was an incredible person. I had the honour to have meet him several times. And I really think this is a very beautiful way to honour his legacy, which is that of someone who is an artist at his absolute core. Like to put out a record on the day he died essentially. Just the most beautiful man. It kind of felt like a plan exploded or, you know, a colour ceased to exist when he died. So, you know, this is about him, and this is about all of you – and that’s the way we felt about David. And just a way to express the gratitude, the deep gratitude, we have that he existed. So thank you guys for coming, and god bless David wherever you’re at.Win Butler

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Arcade Fire's David Bowie parade

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