Arcade Fire announce 2016 live dates!

Yeah, you read that right. This is not a drill. Arcade Fire are back this summer!

The band has out of the blue been announced as a headliner for Bilbao BBK Live in Bilbao, Spain, and NOS Alive in Lisbon, Portugal. I was just as blindsided by this as you. Did not see that coming, at all. Both festivals have made it abundantly clear these are the only festivals in Europe the band will play this summer. Based on what the Bilbao BBK Live organisers say in their press release it reads like these are Reflektor tour one-offs than anything else.

a unique and unrepeatable concert that will review their greatest hits, including those from their latest album, Reflektor.

No mention of previewing new songs or having a new album to tour or anything. If indeed so, this is definitely a first. Will Butler took to twitter to say “AF is playing Spain and Portugal. Because who doesn’t like playing Spain and Portugal? Yesss”. I mean, if that’s just how they roll these days then sure – fair play!

Will also strongly hinted, I think, the band will play a one-off in Canada.

Rumours are flying they’re headlining either WayHome Music & Arts, ON, or Osheaga in their hometown Montreal. If they’re playing Osheaga then it’d be logical they’re also playing Lollapalooza in Chicago – making it a one-two punch like the festivals in Europe.

Feast your eyes on these line-ups. I mean, that NOS Alive line-up is mental.

Feast your eyes on these line-ups. I mean, that NOS Alive line-up is mental.

That NOS Alive lineup in particular is outrageously, mindblowingly amazing. Absolutely mental. Pack your bags! Let’s all move to Lison.

Arcade Fire 2016 live dates:
July 7/8 – Bilbao, Spain – Bilbao BBK Live
July 9 – Lisbon, Portugal – NOS Alive

The press releases for this both features the same photo, a Reflektor tour era photo. Taken by photographer Eric Kayne in Oct 2013 at Tap Tap Restaurant in Miami, FL. Possibly further strengthening the belief these are more Reflektor tour stops than previews of the new album the band has been working on in New Orleans.
Arcade Fire press photo.NOS Alive.AF-BBK

Marky Ramone urges you to see Arcade Fire kick it at Bilbao BBK Live. Because of course! He played with Arcade Fire in New York City, Aug 23 at Barclays Center, maybe that has something to do with it. It was originally posted by the Bilbao BBK Live organisers across their social media accounts.

Another possible one-two in July is WayHome Festival and the new Panorama Festival in NYC. Both on the 22nd-24th weekend.

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