A tangible update on the new album!

Jeremy Gara spoke to Le Devoir about his solo project and was asked, of course, about Arcade Fire’s next album too. He actually gave a concrete tangible answer, none of the vague stuff that usually gets thrown around. This is what he had to say.

“We don’t have a schedule with Arcade Fire yet. I’m waiting to see what I’ll do in the next few months.” A new album is already in the works, Gara confirms. “Since last fall we’ve been recording. In fact, we’re always recording. People have expectations when it comes to Arcade Fire, but despite it all, we’re taking as much time as we want. We’ve got songs, lots of ideas, but not really a sound or a direction yet.”
— Jeremy Gara. 3 June 2016.

Or if If your French is up to par.

« On n’a pas encore de calendrier avec Arcade Fire, j’attends de voir ce que je ferai dans les prochains mois. » Un nouvel album est déjà en chantier, confirme Gara : « Depuis l’automne dernier, on enregistre. En réalité, on enregistre tout le temps. Les gens ont des attentes à l’endroit d’Arcade Fire, mais malgré tout, on prend le temps qu’on veut. On a des chansons, plein d’idées, mais pas encore vraiment de son ou de direction. »
— Jeremy Gara. 3 Juin 2016.

So, to break that down…
– Arcade Fire aren’t recording in the studio on a schedule yet.
– The band started recording LP5 last fall, so, in the autumn 2015.
– They’re taking as much time as they want/need.
– They have got songs, lots of ideas, but not really a sound or a direction yet.

Thanks for the actual update, Jeremy! 2017 sounds likely doesn’t it. To keep up to date with the latest on the new album, check out this page every so often.

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