2016/07/05, Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Two words popped up frequently when I read through the reviews in the Spanish press this morning, ‘historic’ and ‘legendary’. And no wonder. What a night! The gig was billed as a “warm-up”, well, they’re pretty pretty warm now!

Let’s start by running through some of the the cold hard facts, soundchecks, and the setlist etc.

Arcade Fire – 2016/07/05 – Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain.
Venue capacity: 2,500 (sold out).

The band
Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Will Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Richard Reed Parry. Touring musicians: Sarah Neufeld and Owen Pallett (violin/keys). Matt Bauder, Stuart Bogie, and Colin Stetson (brass/horns). Diol Edmond, and Tiwill Duprate (percussion).

Soundcheck #1
01. Suburban War
02. We Exist
03. Rococo
04. Half Light II (No Celebration)

Soundcheck #2
01. Modern Man
02. Reflektor
03. Afterlife
04. My Body Is A Cage
05. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
06. Month of May
07. Ready to Start


Setlist: Arcade Fire - 2016/07/05 - Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain.

Setlist: Arcade Fire – 2016/07/05 – Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain.

The songs in the separate section. Not played. Song options? Arcade Fire – 2016/07/05 – Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain.

Songs in a separate section. Not played. Song options? Arcade Fire – 2016/07/05 – Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain.

Setlist break-down
01. Ready to Start
02. The Suburbs
03. The Suburbs (Continued)
04. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
05. Reflektor
06. Afterlife
07. We Exist
08. Normal Person
09. Keep the Car Running
10. Intervention
11. My Body Is a Cage *
12. We Used to Wait
13. No Cars Go
14. Haïti
15. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
16. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
17. Rebellion (Lies)
18. Here Comes the Night Time

19. Wake Up
* first full song performance (non-acoustically) since Aug 27, 2011.

Setlist info: No indication of an encore break on the setlist but there was one. “Ocean of Noise”, “Rococo”, “Modern Man”, “Suburban War”, “Crown of Love”, and “Headlights Look Like Diamonds” were on some setlists in a separate section at the bottom, but none of those songs were played. Possibly options for future setlists.

Set length
120 minutes.

Philippe Veys, who was at the gig yesterday, is going to write about both that one and Arcade Fire’s set at NOS Alive on Saturday. He hoped to get that done by Monday so stay tuned for that. So I’m not going to write a ton about what went down but I mean, we got to talk about it! Because wow. This gig will be one of those that people will look back on and say ‘I was there’. 2 hours of nonstop ‘hits’ from all four albums. Not always actually a guarantee for it to be as remarkable as last night was, by all accounts. But they’re not any band – they’re Arcade Fire. A relentless set with no dull moments. And the crowd sure did their part. This is was it looked like during No Cars Go.

Win often talks about how a gig is all about a meeting between the band and the crowd, and when they meet half-way amazing things happen.

Will Butler was at it again! He took a girl’s sneaker and used it as his replacement for a drum stick. Amazing. He of course threw the sneaker back to her afterwards. Watch it below around the 4:35 mark.

The band spent the day before the gig at Palau Sant Jordi, an arena in Barcelona. Probably so they could run through a lot of the material with the big stage production ahead of the big festival headline slots. It probably also allowed them to shake off some rust.

Win Butler is blonde-ish now! Anway, he always changes his haircut or dyes it for new tours. Makes it easy to see what era a photo is from + he feels it’s his responsibility to have a weird haircut with him being in a band, because most others can’t. Fair enough.

Win. Credit:

Win. Credit:

Régine’s showed off her new sparkly dress.

Régine's new dress. Credit: midamideta

Régine’s new dress. Credit: midamideta

Lots of really great YouTube videos have surfaced. Too many to feature here, but here are two.

A gallery of photos from last night is up here.

There is so much to talk about but for now this will have to make do. So happy to have them back if only for these few dates this year. What a band! They are next headlining Bilbao BBK Live on Thursday. Live blog and stuff then too. Let’s go!

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