Will Butler’s Pitchfork Radio session

Update: Will has shared a 320kbps mp3 of his new song “Not Gonna Die” from this session which you can download via his Soundcloud stream below.

Will Butler got back to New York City in a hurry from Arcade Fire’s amazing headline set at WayHome, this so he could perform with his band (Julie, Sara, and Miles) an acoustic session on Pitchfork Radio. The station was airing from the brand new Sonos Store on 101 Greene St.

Will debuted two new songs, “I Don’t Know” and an as yet untitled track. It was in equal parts great (musically) and hilarious. Will’s characteristically unhinged attitude when it comes to his music and performing is just so funny. Will’s four-year old son Alvin made an appearance too, he too is very funny actually.

Will said he and his family has just moved to Boston. He’s going back to school, studying at Harvard Kennedy School – John F. Kennedy School of Government. He’s doing his Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, which will take a school-year to finish – all going well. This ought to pretty much rule out any real touring from Arcade Fire before early summer next year.

Anyway, have a listen. Or download it here. Setlist below the player.01. “I Don’t Know” – working title
02. “Cold”
03. “Madonna Can’t Save Me Now”
04. new unknown song
05. “Surrender”
06. “Public Defender”
07. “Take My Side”
08. “Friday Night”
09. “Luckiest Sailor”

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