2016/10/30, Voodoo Experience, New Orleans

Arcade Fire let the crowd in on what’s to come from the band.

Arcade Fire – 2016/10/30 – Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, City Park, New Orleans, LA, United States.

The band
Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Will Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Richard Reed Parry. Touring musicians: Sarah Neufeld and Owen Pallett (violin/keys). Matt Bauder, and Stuart Bogie (brass/horns). Diol Edmond, and Tiwill Duprate (percussion).

Setlist: Arcade Fire - 2016/10/30 - Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, City Park, New Orleans, LA, United States

Setlist: Arcade Fire – 2016/10/30 – Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, City Park, New Orleans, LA, United States

Setlist break-down
01. Ready to Start
02. The Suburbs
03. The Suburbs (Continued)
04. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
05. Reflektor
06. Afterlife
07. We Exist
08. Normal Person
09. Keep the Car Running
10. Intervention
11. My Body Is a Cage
12. We Used to Wait
13. No Cars Go
14. Haïti
15. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
16. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
17. Rebellion (Lies) – with Ghostbusters Theme snippet
18. Here Comes the Night Time
19. Wake Up

Setlist info: No encore break.

Set length
107 minutes. 7:30-9:17pm local time. 17 mins past their scheduled time slot.

Arcade Fire had the night before their headline set at Voodoo for the first time showcased new material from their next album so there was hope they’d play a new song on the big stage too. That didn’t happen as it turned out, instead Arcade Fire fell back on their greatest hits set from this summer – and nobody minded one bit. Because it’s just too good to feel let down by, even with the exciting prospected of new music looming over the set. They’re just that good.

Régine sounded perhaps the most assertive and commanding I’ve ever heard her sing. Truly jaw-dropping at times. There was a very funky intro to Power Out which I really liked too. You could tell it had been a while since they last played a gig from a couple of fuck-ups, nothing big though, but to a trained Arcade Fire-eye noticeable. They’re not robots, thankfully.

Win took the opportunity to lay into British Petroleum (BP), “Whatever the fuck BP paid the state of Louisiana it wasn’t a tenth as much as it should have been. Fuck British Petroleum!”. He is of course referring to, as Pitchfork also points out, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in 2010, roughly 41 miles away from the Louisiana shore. Damage from the oil spill endangered Louisiana plant and wildlife, as well as the population; the incident has been called “the biggest public health crisis from a chemical poisoning in the history of this country.” Last year, Louisiana was awarded $5 billion in a settlement by BP to help restore the vast amounts of natural resources damaged and lost in the oil spill.

The band had invited two dancers from Haiti, I’m assuming, who performed traditional Haitian dance moves behind Régine as she sang “Haiti”. Régine even joined in on the dancing. After the song ended Win asked the crowd if they wanted to be on a record, and asked them to follow his lead. Win lead the crowd through a lovely little Na na na na na na-na-na-na melody which could very well find its way onto the new album.


The set drew towards its end and when Rebellion was up they threw in a bit of the Ghostbuster Theme, the Halloween-y vibe to the night along with the walk-on music – “It’s Halloween” by The Shaggs. Will being Will he was up to his usual antics, tonight he attempted to play the sax – with little success it needs to be said. Still, it was hilarious. So funny.

As is now customary confetti showered the City Park crowd during Here Comes the Night Time, and there could be no other set closer than Wake Up of course.

All in all yet another reminder in an off-year for the band that they’re just something special on a stage – any stage – anywhere. Particularly in their beloved joint home city of New Orleans. Win made a point of really emphasising how much he loves and treasures the city during the set. Let’s see how that reflects in their new material. We could know by spring next year.

Download the band’s full Voodoo set (720p, 60fps)

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