Arcade Fire unveils new logo and promo photo

Arcade Fire have today announced new dates and with them came a new promotional photo. The first one for what’s to come. It looks something like this.

Arcade Fire 2017 – promotional photo. Probably shot by Anton Corbijn.

It bears all the trademarks of an Anton Corbijn photo shoot with the band and we know he’s been spending time with the band fairly recently so it all makes sense it’d be him who snapped it. But until it’s confirmed… But it is. 99% sure.

UPDATE (Feb 14th): It’s now confirmed it’s indeed the legendary photographer Anton Corbijn who was behind the camera. He’s now documented the band during all the five eras.

As someone who follows this band closely and intensely I’m happy it’s a great and pleasing shot for the eye, I don’t know if I could’ve taken another few years with those truly horrible promo shots for the Reflektor era. I mean, remember this shot? If I could erase it from my mind I would. Anyway, this one’s great and intriguing. Bring it all on. Régine doesn’t even need shades to look cool. She just is cool. Cool is her.

So, what’s the meaning of it? “Dollar Region”, any meaning behind that? Suit and ties? I can’t seem to think of any conclusions that doesn’t seem far-fetched so for now I’ll hold off on that. I’m just delighted I like the band photo.

I had to try and see where they shot that so I went hunting on Google Street View and wouldn’t you know it, I found the spot!

Dollar Region
6725 Saint Claude Ave
Arabi, LA 70032

Dollar Region. 6725 Saint Claude Ave. Arabi, LA 70032.

So there you go, take with you some friends and recreate the shot and send me the photos! Would love to see them!

Oh, and am I right or am I right?


As with every new era for the band they come up with a new logo, this is how it looks in the year of 2017.

Arcade Fire logo – 2017.

I really like it! It’s stylish and flowing. And continues the infinity theme the band’s been going for ever since the release of I Give You Power. The copyright symbol and trademark symbols is once again very much in the forefront, it feels like it’s a hint of something. Question is what. Is it for their Infinite Content licence company?

It’s great things are really starting to pick up now. Can’t be long til something really exciting is being announced/released from the new album.

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