360° stage

Arcade Fire are playing Rockhal in Belval, Luxembourg on July 8th. It’s the first announced indoor gig, and they will be playing on a 360° stage in the middle of the room. It’s all loops and infinity related stuff these days!

It won’t be the first time the band plays on a 360° stage actually since they opened for U2 on their 360° tour in 2011. Remember that huge “claw”? But yeah, definitely a first for Arcade Fire for their own gigs. Will be interesting to see how it will look, a 360° stage can look VERY different. But you’d think it will be a round stage in such relatively small space. A “360° stage” is basically just a name for a stage that has viewing angles from all directions, hence why it’s not a certainty it’s actually a round stage. Despite the name so clearly suggests so.

All announced dates.

Oh and Jeremy is playing a date in London in May. Details here (scroll down).

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