Everything Now

So, what appears to be a Russian stormtrooper, Sasha M, tweeted me a link to a video.

Google Translate claims that to say ‘The real news about Arcade Fire”‘ in Russian and the video is set to the sample Arcade Fire recorded at Voodoo Fest last year.

‘NOW’ is zooming in… Have a look.

The video is titled “Всё сейчас контент два” and translates to ‘All/Everything now content two”.

There’s a logo spinning at the end so leaning towards that it’s Everything Now since the logo says EN inside that globe.
Oh and just noticed Sasha M’s only tweet so far translates to Everything Now.

Conclusion: The single/album to be called Everything Now. Or not and I’m completely wrong.

Apparently the single will be out on Friday, maybe a little sooner than that actually if we’re lucky.

Arcade Fire does indeed look set to release their first single “Everything Now” off the new album on June 1st.

A new kind of weird this, but I guess that’s to be expected by now. Haha. Anyway, the fun just started! This looks like a teaser for the single.

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