Recap: Arcade Fire – 2017/06/08 – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

Arcade Fire – 2017/06/08 – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, UK.

The band
Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Will Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Richard Reed Parry. Touring musicians: Sarah Neufeld (violin/keys etc). Stuart Bogie (brass/horns/synths etc). Tiwill Duprate (percussion).


Setlist: Arcade Fire – 2017-06-08 – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, UK. Setlists weren’t handed out this night but someone managed to take photo from the barrier.

Setlist break-down
01. Wake Up – unplugged / acoustic
–. Everything Now Slow – intro
02. Everything Now
03. Signs of Life
04. Here Comes the Night Time
05. Haïti
06. Rebellion (Lies)
07. No Cars Go
08. Neon Bible
09. Suburban War
10. Month of May
11. Ready to Start
12. Reflektor
13. Afterlife
14. We Exist
15. Creature Comfort
16. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
17. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Setlist info: Wake Up acoustic as they entered the room. Tour debut for Month of May.
Opening act: –

Set length
95 minutes. 20:40-22:15 local time.

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  • Declan McCafferty

    I’m a wheelchair user and was slightly despondent to read that the viewing platform is against the very back wall as is common.

    However, on reaching the venue to find the in-the-round thing I was pleased that this would being the stage a lot closer. But, even better, being early and with so much more front-of-stage than usual, I got a spot right at the front barrier. Despite some advice to move from security I stood my ground. Ok, technically I sat my ground.

    It was amazing to see them so close with Regine singing right at me at times. I’ve been wanting to see AF for years and this was easily the best concert I’ve seen and I’m an old timer with lots of great shows rattling about my memory.

    Next up Manchester.