Everything Now tracklist officially revealed

With exactly a month til Arcade Fire’s fifth studio album (or ‘playlist’ as Win Butler likes to call albums now) the band has revealed the tracklist. It’s been known since day one when it leaked but now it’s official and everything. Just need hard proof about those, what I assume to be, transitioning tracks.

The tracklist in billboard form via Arcade Fire’s twitter

If the leak is correct the tracklist should look like this with all its quirks and underscores.

    01. Everything_Now (continued)
    02. Everything Now
    03. Signs of Life
    04. Creature Comfort
    05. Peter Pan
    06. Chemistry
    07. Infinite Content
    08. Infinite_Content
    09. Electric Blue
    10. Good God Damn
    11. Put Your Money on Me
    12. We Don’t Deserve Love
    13. Everything Now (continued)

Wouldn’t be surprised if track 13 and 01 will be more or less a seamless transition. Infinite content and all that you know.

So, looks like it could be essentially a 10-track album with three transitioning tracks or similar. Just about perfect on paper.

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