Listen to Bomba Estéreo’s Everything Now remix

Arcade Fire asked the band, Bomba Estéreo, opening for them on their Latin American tour to remix a song of theirs, they chose Everything Now.

Simón Mejía of Bomba Estéreo elaborated on how the remix came about and more.

    When Win suggested a couple of tracks from Arcade Fire’s album to remix, we chose ‘Everything Now’ as we loved the vibe of the song and what it means for these crazy times we’re living in. We envisioned this new remix musically as being a mix between champeta vibes (the incredible riff played by our new guitar player Jose Castillo in the chorus) and electronic cumbia (the beat for the rest of the track). These are the two genres we’ve been playing and having fun with throughout the history of Bomba Estereo. And that is what we achieved with the Arcade Fire remix — a blend between the original funky/electro/disco vibe of the track and our electro tropical style. In terms of the vocals, Win re-recorded the original vocals on top of our new musical track. Then Li has her Spanish freestyle verses in her cumbia style. All together, along with Regine, we did the chorus in Spanish which we translated to ‘Es todo ya’. We are truly honored to have been invited to collaborate on this amazing song and love to see the power of Caribbean music right now. You can easily see its influence across much of dance music that is made today.

Arcade Fire said this about it in Spanish:

    Estamos muy emocionados de poder compartir el remix de @BOMBAESTEREO de Everything Now. Es una manera de darle las gracias a todos los maravillosos fans que nos acompañaron en esta gira! Esperamos que tengan unas lindas fiestas y que se cuiden

My Spanish is terrible at best, but I think it should translate to something like this:

    We are very excited to share the remix @BOMBAESTEREO did of Everything Now. It’s a way to say thanks to all the wonderful fans that accompanied us on this tour! We hope you have some beautiful parties and take care of yourselves

It’s a wild ride, and really lots of fun.

It’s available on basically all streaming/digital purchase services.

Full credits for this remix.
Title: Everything Now (Todo Ya) (Remix por Bomba Estéreo)
Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: Everything Now (Todo Ya) (Remix por Bomba Estéreo)
Length: 5:00

Performer: Arcade Fire
Composer: Jeremy Gara, Richard Parry, Edwin Butler, Regine Chassagne, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury
Lyricist: Richard Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Regine Chassagne, Edwin Butler
Producer: Christian Castagno
Remixer: Bomba Estéreo
Featuring: Arcade Fire
Mixing Engineer: Christian Castagno
Mastering Engineer: Francisco Holzmann
Engineer: Christian Castagno
Vocals: Win Butler, Liliana Saumet
Background Vocals: Jacana Jacana, Regine Chassagne
Assistant Engineer: Eric Heigle, Nacho Drault
Electric Guitar: Jose Guerra
Flute: Pacho Carnival
Percussion: Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
Programmer: Simon Mejia, Christian Castagno
Synthesizer: Christian Castagno, Simon Mejia
Other: Felipe Andres Echavarria, Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
Co-Producer: Bomba Estéreo

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