Arcade Fire receive the International Achievement Award at the Junos

Arcade Fire – Juno Awards 2018 – International Achivement Award recipients.

Arcade Fire today Sunday, March 25th, will perform at the main event at this year’s Juno Awards – where they also are nominated for a bunch of awards. Last night was the JUNO Awards Gala Dinner & Awards where they hand out a lot of the awards that don’t make the tv broadcast main event tonight. Arcade Fire was there to receive their award for International Achievement and had this to say about it.

Here’s some backstage interview thing.

Press interview afterwards where Win talks about how his quest for a Canadian passport is held up by, ironically enough, their international success. You have to spend a certain amount of time in the country over a five year period which has proved difficult – largely because of the fact they’re out touring and stuff.

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