15 Sep 2015

First sign of Arcade Fire working on new music

Win Butler spoke to National Post where he let on that Arcade Fire have been playing music together again. He also pointed out however they haven’t formally started recordings for an upcoming album. We’re playing music, I wouldn’t be shocked if some of that music was recorded in a form

15 Sep 2015

Win Butler talks with Billboard about The Reflektor Tapes

Billboard spoke with Win Butler at Toronto International Film Festival about The Reflektor Tapes. _____ By Karen Bliss | September 14, 2015 In Reflektor Tapes, so much is happening so quickly. What was the direction you gave Kahlil? I was made aware of Kahlil’s work when we first started working

14 Sep 2015

Arcade Fire backing Los Angeles 2024?

Los Angeles, LA24, today launched their bid to host the Olympic Games in 2024. They have posted a video presenting the city – set to Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”. Is the band backing their bid? Have they used the song with or without their consent? In any case, here’s the

13 Sep 2015

Recap: The worldwide premiere of Arcade Fire’s The Reflektor Tapes

The worldwide premiere of Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes took place last night at Toronto International Film Festival. Ana Brozic was there and this is her thoughts about it all. (While I wouldn’t say there are any real spoilers in this post you should stop reading now if you want

08 Sep 2015

Arcade Fire tease ‘Get Right’ in new The Reflektor Tapes feature

As you may remember the press release promised The Reflektor Tapes would feature a brand new Arcade Fire song. Get Right was the song many, myself included, thought it’d be and sure enough here they are working on the song in the latest feature for the film which opens in