31 May 2017

New Arcade Fire merch

Arcade Fire’s new single/album Everything Now has got new merch right off the bat. And it’s looking gooooood! The big theory at the moment is that each symbol on the white one represents a song (a sponsor as it says on it). 10 songs then on the album? Desperately need

31 May 2017

Everything Now 12″

Arcade Fire are about to release a 12″ orange vinyl of “Everything Now”, the new single. A-side: Everything Now B-side: Everything Now – instrumental Photos of the beaut from Barcelona, Primavera Sound, where the single was spotted and sold. So pretty! Take my money, Arcade Fire! Nowhere online yet. Stay

31 May 2017

Everything Now rumours and findings

Everything Now is believed to be Arcade Fire’s new single and possibly also album title. Release date for the single appears to be June 1st. Arcade Fire looks to have started an “Everything Now” Tumblr. The first post on it is an abstract from The Voyager Interstellar Record – a

30 May 2017

Everything Now

So, what appears to be a Russian stormtrooper, Sasha M, tweeted me a link to a video. @ArcadeFiretube Реальные новости о "Arcade Fire" https://t.co/C2vlEZLUmM — Sasha M (@ArcadeFireTuba) May 30, 2017 Google Translate claims that to say ‘The real news about Arcade Fire”‘ in Russian and the video is set

26 May 2017

Arcade Fire coming to Argentina

Update (May 29th): Arcade Fire to headline the Friday, December 15th. Arcade Fire will headline Festival BUE, December 15-16th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band’s only second time ever in the country following their set at Lollapalooza Argentina in 2014. Expecting more Latin American dates to drop in.