18 Aug 2015

Régine’s actual age and birthday

Name: CHASSAGNE Régine Alexandra Date of birth: 19-08-1976 Now here’s a post I didn’t think I’d write, but here we are. So, since 2012 I’ve been sitting on records that I always believed to be correct about Régine’s date of birth. However, everywhere you looked it said she was born

15 Aug 2015

Jack Ü + Win Butler

On July 10th Jack Ü (Diplo + Skrillex) were doing stuff in Arcade Fire’s Sonovox Studio, which supposedly was not a session. Well, now Diplo and Skrillex are talking about it as having made an album’s worth of material there and going back to Montreal with Win Butler to record

13 Aug 2015

The Reflektor Tapes poster

Download the official poster for Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes in high resolution, if that’s something you crave. A low resolution version can be viewed below.

11 Aug 2015

Official trailer for The Reflektor Tapes

The official trailer for Arcade Fire’s upcoming film, directed by Kahlil Joseph, landed today. It looks visually stunning, here’s hoping it’s a good film too. If you want to watch it first you need a ticket for the September 12th screening at Toronto International Film Festival – the worldwide premiere.

21 Jul 2015

Arcade Fire’s score for Her could still be released

Will Butler took to twitter to answer a question about whether Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett’s Oscar nominated score for ‘Her’ will be released on vinyl. The door seems to still be open. There’s a reasonable chance it’ll happen in the long term, but no current plans Will Butler [source]