Future Wife - We're Gonna Die

Future Wife – We’re Gonna Die. Sarah Neufeld featuring.

01. Uncle John (Read by Adam Horovitz)
02. Emily & Jenny (Read by Kathleen Hanna)
03. Lullaby For the Miserable (feat. Sarah Neufeld)
04. Family Reunion (Read by Sarah Neufeld)

05. I Still Have You
06. Henry (Read by Martin Schmidt)
07. No Comfort For the Lonely (feat. Colin Stetson)
08. White Hair (Read by Drew Daniel)
09. When You Get Old
10. Father (Read by David Byrne)
11. Beth (Read by Laurie Anderson)
12. Horrible Things
13. Conclusion (Read by Colin Stetson)
14. I’m Gonna Die

 Artist  Future Wife
 Release  We’re Gonna Die (album)
 Format  CD, Digital
 Release date  30 July 2013
 Catalogue number  –
 Label  Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company