Richard Reed Parry - Music For Heart And Breath (album, LP1)

Richard Reed Parry – Music For Heart And Breath (album, LP1)

01. Quartet For Heart And Breath – yMusic

02. Heart And Breath Sextet – yMusic, Nico Muhly

03. For Heart, Breath And Orchestra – Nico Muhly, Nadia Sirota, Caroline Shaw, Hideaki Aomori, Caleb Burhans, Shawn Conley, Amelia Lukas, Clarice Jensen, Yuki Numata, Courtney Orlando, Annaliesa Place, Arthur Sato, Brian Snow, Richard Reed Parry

04. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): I Miniature 1

05. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): II String Peaks

06. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): III Wind’s Idea

07. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): IV Miniature 2

08. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): V Sticks/Tension

09. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): VI French Guitars

10. Interruptions (Heart And Breath Nonet): VII Freeform Winds/String Drones – yMusic, Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner, Richard Reed Parry

11. Duet For Heart And Breath – Nadia Sirota, Richard Reed Parry

12. Quartet For Heart And Breath – Kronos Quartet


 Artist/Composer  Richard Reed Parry
 Release  Music For Heart And Breath
 Format  12″ vinyl, CD, digital download
 Release date  9 June 2014
 Catalogue number  Vinyl: 479 3710 | CD: 479 3061
 Label  Deutsche Grammophon
 Note The official blurb:
A slow process of creating a new way of playing music.

Here is what it is: very soft, very quiet music, played utterly in synch with the heart rates and breathing rates of the musicians performing it. Every note you hear is either in synch with the heartbeat of the person playing it, the breathing of the person (or one of the surrounding persons) playing it.

So what you hear when this music plays is played precisely in time with someone’s quiet, internal rhythms. Brought to musical life by a handful of different ensembles. And now, at last, recorded in full, and coming out on Deutsche Grammophon in a few weeks from now.

It has been a joy to create this work, and even more of a joy to have it brought to life by such a fantastic cast of musical minds.