14 Sep 2019

Arcade Fire celebrate their iconic debut album Funeral on its 15th anniversary

Arcade Fire released their now iconic debut album Funeral on September 14, 2004. Now 15 years later the band is looking back on the record and time around the album. They’ve promised us some exclusive content coming around the Sep 14th date. Sipping out through their official channels. Edit: Below

02 Oct 2015

Tracy Maurice on the story behind the Funeral artwork

DIY Magazine: _____ HALL OF FAME: INSIDE THE ARTWORK: THE STORY BEHIND ARCADE FIRE’S ‘FUNERAL’ Photographer and artist Tracy Maurice tells us how her collaboration with the band first came about. By Jessica Goodman on 30th September 2015 Love, loss, desperation, and hope are some of the most powerful emotions

03 Jun 2015

Florence Welch loves Arcade Fire, part 776

Doubt it will have escaped many at this point Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) is a huge Arcade Fire fan. She was on World Cafe and played her favourite songs and talked a bit about what they mean to her. Florence chose Arcade Fire’s stunning “In the Backseat” –