01 Mar 2017

Mavis Staples talks working with Arcade Fire

The legendary singer Mavis Staples joined forces with Arcade Fire for the stand-alone single I Give You Power that was released in connection with Donald Trumps’ inauguration. In an interview with The Arizona Republic she for the first time talks about it. Q: You’ve been working with youngsters and relative

27 Jan 2017

Two new versions of I Give You Power

Two new versions of “I Give You Power” have been released today (27 January 2017), “I Give You Power (Broken Speaker Mix) [feat. Mavis Staples]” and “I Give You Power (Instrumental)”. Possibly to mark the release of the DVD/Blu-ray that’s out today. Both tracks are, like the main track, licensed

20 Jan 2017

Arcade Fire’s new music licensed to Infinite Content

Yesterday we got a new Arcade Fire song, “I Gave You Power” featuring Mavis Staples. Just as the news broke Arcade Fire changed all their social media profile photos to the picture above. I’m not sure anyone really understood what that was all about, but today (Jan 20th) the song

19 Jan 2017

New Arcade Fire song featuring Mavis Staples!

UPDATE (Jan 20th): Now available everywhere. Streaming/download links for “I Give You Power”: Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, and Qobuz (France) (offers downloads in lossless quality). UPDATE 2 (Jan 20th): Win Butler talks to Zane Lowe on ‘Best of the Week on Beats 1’ about “I Give