Will Butler - Policy (Deluxe Edition) [album, LP1]

Will Butler – Policy (Deluxe Edition) [album, LP1]

01. Take My Side
02. Anna
03. Finish What I Started
04. Son of God
05. Something’s Coming
06. What I Want
07. Sing to Me
08. Witness
Deluxe Edition tracks (The Guardian songs)
09. Clean Monday
10. Waving Flag
11. You Must Be Kidding
12. Madonna Can’t Save Me Now
13. By the Waters of Babylon

 Artist  Will Butler
 Release  Policy (Deluxe Edition)
 Format Digital download
 Release date  19 May 2015
 Catalogue number  MRG540(?)
 Label  Merge Records
 Note The added (The Guardian) songs now properly mixed by Mark Lawson. Will had this to say about the release: “I love the news. I listen to the news more than I listen to new music. Artistically, I currently care more for craftsmanship than for virtuosity. A newspaper is daily full of fearless craftsmanship—writers working with (hopefully) great precision on hard deadlines. They sign their name to articles—and then have little control over where those articles appear, how they’re edited, or even what the headline will be. Fearless! And the editors—always producing, cutting, re-mixing. I love it.
I wrote each of these songs in one day for the Guardian newspaper. Each was based on a news story from that day’s paper. I wrote the music and lyrics starting in the morning at 7 a.m. I engineered the sessions myself, mixed the song, and then emailed it to the UK at 3 p.m. my time. (For this release, I had the songs properly mixed by Mark Lawson.)

It’s a funny time for recorded music. Weirdly, while hard physical media disappear, the music itself is more permanent than ever—always discoverable, searchable, comparable. Nothing is lost these days—every ephemeral moment captured and stored. All etched in stone instead of vinyl. But it’s etched in a stone that people are driving past at 100 miles an hour. These songs embrace that world. My dream is that as you tear past these songs, some one of them will catch your ear and stay with you. You’ll remember it as some noticeable feature of the landscape of your recently-present world. A world familiar but already far behind.”